John Chapman John Chapman - GMPSA, EFIAP/p, GMAPS, ARPS
John initially took up photography as a means to illustrate the places he visited while walking and climbing in some of the wildest areas of the world. His photographs of wilderness areas have been extensively published in magazines and books in Australia, Europe and the United States of America. He is also a self-publisher of illustrated walking books to Australia with 12 different titles.
John is also a successful international exhibitor with more than 5000 acceptances in 77 countries. His photography interests are broad and he has multiple Galaxy levels in 5 divisions of PSA.
He lives in Melbourne and does presentations and judging for clubs and exhibitions. John finds that both exhibiting and judging at international salons provides a source of inspiration. He encourages other photographers of all levels to enter salons to learn about what is possible and to keep abreast with current photographic trends.

Elizabeth Kodela Elizabeth Kodela - EFIAP/b FAPS GPU2CROWNS PSQA.
Elizabeth has been a successful entrant and exhibitor in National and International photographic competitions since year 2000. She is a Photographic Society of Queensland Accredited Judge and has adjudicated photographic competitions extensively throughout Queensland & NSW camer­a clubs as well as National and International events for many years including SIEP for last two years. Her photographic strengths include, Nature, Macro, Portraits, Land and Seascapes, Social Documentary, Photo Journalism and Abstract. In 2011 Elizabeth represented Australia as guest judge at the German Mega Circuit in Wurtzberg, Germany, and in 2013 she was invited to judge for Narava International Salon in Kocevje, Slovenia. In 2015 she was guest judge for DVF German International Cup in Stuttgart and again in March 2017. HONORS: EFIAP/b – Excellence International Federation of Art in Photography FAPS--- Fellowship – Australian Photographic Society GPU --- Global Photographic Union winner of 2 CROWNS IUP ----- Member of International United Photographers Elizabeth is the Queensland Representative for APS (Australian Photographic Society) for last nine years. She is also member of the PSQ Judges’ Executive Committee for six years. Recently she joined a syndicate of dedicated experienced photographers in co-operation with education department and is working with school children of all ages promoting the art of photography using, cameras, smart phones and tablets. “Over the years working with photographers has given me extensive knowledge in this art which I now like to share, giving constructive and supportive assistance to budding photographers wherever possible".

Pele Leung Pele Leung
Pele worked in the information technology industry over two decades and started to learn photography when he purchased his first digital camera in 2001. He joined Australian Photographic Society in 2002 and still remains as a current member.  In 2007, Pele resigned from his professional IT job and took a 8-month Australia wide photographic adventure alone. He decided to take a plunge as a full time photographer after his epic trip. Pele continues to explore Australia as well as China since then. As a result, he produced multiple photographic ebooks to document his journeys. In addition to his travel, Pele also conducted many photographic presentations, workshops and competition judging for more than a dozen of camera clubs and photographic societies. He was also one of the speakers at APSCON 2015. Pele's travel and landscape photography portfolios are available on his website ( and Facebook page (

Peter Kewley Peter Kewley - FAPS, AFIAP, SSAPS, SSVAPS
Peter’s photographic interests cover many areas, particularly landscape and studio work including portrait and still life tending towards the fine art style of photography.

Peter has entered many National and International salons gaining acceptances and awards in many countries.

An immediate past member of the VAPS committee and currently Senior Vice President of the Australian Photographic Society and Treasurer of the Frankston Photographic Club, finding time to get out and take photos is always the challenge.


Tuck Leong Tuck Leong - AAPS SSAPS SSVAPS
I am a member of the Australian Photographic Society and am a past member of its Nature Division Council. I am also a past president of Ivanhoe Photographic Society, the Victorian Nature Photography Group and a past committee member of Waverley Camera Club, Victorian Association of Photographic Societies (VAPS) and Victoria Geelong Exhibition (VIGEX). I was a director for the RASV-VAPS National Exhibition of Photography for 2 years and also directed the VAPS conventions on six years held during the June Queen’s Birthday long weekends. Over the years I have entered and received acceptances and awards in numerous International and National Salons of Photography I received the state service awards from both Australian Photographic Society and Victorian Association of Photographic Societies for my contribution to photography. I have judged in current Victorian National Salons, VIGEX International Exhibition and Adelaide National Exhibition of Photography. I have presented talks to clubs within Victoria and interstate and continue to judge for metropolitan and country clubs.

Graeme Watson Graeme Watson - EFIAP/g, APSEM, MPSA, ESAPS
Graeme lives in Canberra and has been a member of the Australian Photographic Society since 1963. His is currently the APS State representative. He has been Junior and Senior Vice President of the Management Committee of APS and also chairman of the APS Nature Division. He is a current member of the APS Exhibition Services Sub Committee. Over the years Graeme has acted as a judge and lecturer at local club level as well as judging competitions for interstate clubs. He has also been included on the judging panels of Australian National exhibitions as well as Australian and overseas Internationals. He has been competing in National and International salons since 2007 and has amassed over 7800 acceptances in over 50 countries and been awarded over 600 international awards. Graeme has been awarded his AFIAP, EFIAP and its higher levels from The International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP), APS honours of LAPS, AAPS, FAPS, MAPS and GMAPS and the distinctions of PPSA and EPSA from the Photographic Society of America .He has also been honoured with the award of ESAPS (service) from APS in 2012. Graeme currently holds the honours and distinctions of APSEM (Exhibitor’s Medal) from APS, Master of the Photographic Society of America and the EFIAP gold level from FIAP.

Frank KennedyFrank Kennedy - AFIAP-MAPS-EPSA-AWIEP
Frank has been a successful entrant in photographic exhibitions since 2010. During this time Frank has amassed hundreds of international acceptances with hundreds of different images in approximately 20 countries. Whilst being successful in most sections, his strongest interest has been in photography of  photojournalism where Frank was listed 21st in the Top Photojournalism (Projected) Exhibitors in the Photographic Society of America  2016 "Who's Who in Photography" for that year.     He  was awarded his Master of the Australian Photographic Society (MAPS), skill honour, in 2017, and his  Excellence of the  Photographic Society of America Distinction (EPSA) in the same year.   He also was awarded his AFIAP  skill honour  in 2013 and he was inducted as an Associate of Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography  (AWIEP) in USA  in 2017. Frank has been a member of the Geelong Camera Club for 14 years.

 Salon Jury  Sections
 John Chapman EFIAP/ p, MPSA, GMAPS, AAPS  1, 4, 5, 6
 Elizabeth Kodela EFIAP/ b, FAPS, GPU2CR, PSQA  1, 4, 5, 6
 Pele Leung Commercial Photographer  1, 4, 5, 6
 Peter Kewley FAPS, AFIAP, SSAPS, SSVAPS  2, 3
 Tuck Leong AAPS, SSAPS  2, 3
 Graeme Watson EFIAP/ g, MPSA, APSEM, ESAPS  2, 3
 Frank Kennedy AFIAP MAPS EPSA AWIEP  Emergency judge
1 Monochrome Open
2 Colour
3 Nature
4 Creative
5 Travel
6 Differences in Society