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VIGEX Print Salon 2019

*VIGEX Print Salon 2019

Advance Announcement

Vigex Print Salon 2019 will have a print forwarding arrangement with the 2019 Maitland International Salon of Photography allowing prints to be forwarded at no charge from Maitland to Vigex.

Full details on the Vigex salon details will be announced soon, but the following will help those considering using the forwarding arrangement.

Vigex 2019 Conditions will include:

  • Closing date 2nd June 2019
  • Prints only, size 10” x 8” (250 x 200 mm) to A3+ (13”x 19” or 329mm x 483mm), mounted or unmounted
  • 6 sections: Monochrome, Colour (Colour only), Nature, Creative (Colour only), Travel, Differences in Society (Colour only).
  • Fees for 1 – 6 sections:
    $AUD 15, $AUD25, $AUD30 $AUD35, $AUD40, $AUD40 (same fee for 5 or 6 sections)

Prints will not be returned, but entrants to Maitland can use their free offer to forward their prints to Vigex.
Entrants may also enclose prints for the additional VIGEX-only sections (Creative, Photo Travel, Differences in Society) with their Maitland 2019 package – Maitland will also forward these to Vigex.

Images accepted in any previous VIGEX print or digital salon, or almost identical in style and subject matter, are ineligible for entry in this salon, regardless of title.
Images that have been converted between Colour and Monochrome are considered the same image for this rule.

Further information – email salon@vigex.org.au

VIGEX Print Salons are conducted in odd numbered years, 2017, 2019, 2021 etc.

VIGEX Digital Salons will be held in even numbered years, 2018, 2020, 2022 etc.